APCM Annual Report

Sunday evening’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting’s Annual Trustees’ report and Financial Report can now be read via this link.

We are grateful to Karen, Deanery Synod Representative for St Margaret’s West Hoathly, for sharing her 2023 report with us. Read Karen’s report here.

The results of this year’s elections for Churchwardens, PCC and Deanery Synod.

Adam Hackett
Roger Cobden-Ramsay
Members of The Parochial Church Council.
The Rev’d Heather Wilkin (ex-officio)
Heather Chapman
Roger Cobden-Ramsay (ex-officio)
Adam Hackett (ex-officio)
Sophie Hill
Rosemary King
Tony Osborn
Simon Witheridge
There is one further nomination for the PCC who will be confirmed and coopted on receipt of the necessary paperwork.
Deanery Synod – Vacant. If you would enjoy taking on this role please contact The Rev’d Heather.
The minutes of the 2024 apcm can be read here.


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