All Saints Church

The Congregation

We have a small faithful congregation with festivals playing a central role in the life of the community such as our Christmas ‘Carols By Candlelight Service’ which attracted 150 people.

Services at All Saints

We have a traditional service structure of Eucharist and non-Eucharist.
The Congregations are encouraged to put faith into practice through prayer, scripture, music and sacrament.
If you are unable to come to church this booklet offers ways to worship at home.

Finances of the Church

Finances are healthy but we are not complacent and we work very hard at securing the funds we need.

Development of the Church

We are fortunate to have our small community some talented singers and musicians who provide a nucleus to convene a small choir, readers and to involve people and families outside or on the fringes of regular worship, especially younger members of the community.


The PCC consists of the two churchwardens and four others. The meetings, which are held about four times per annum, are held in a spirit of real Christian fellowship and a united purpose to keep and sustain the church in Highbrook as a place of worship. The Churchyard is kept in good order with the assistance of a part-time professional, and a small team of ladies from the community, supplemented by the occasional working party. We pride ourselves on being ecumenical.